finished art from a sock

i finally finished embroidering the sock art i mentioned in a recent post

this bag began life as a white sports sock which i cut open down the back (and into the toe and heel sections) and then dyed with liquid radiance dyes in the microwave before adding embroidery; next, i machine zigzagged the edges with variegated thread, before machine couching a purple yarn all around the piece to give it more definition

after handsewing the edges together, i made a long cord from 3 strands of yarn – purple, red and cream – by twisting and zigzagging them together by machine;   i cut this cord into 3 lengths which i twisted and knotted before stitching them by hand to the bag

the leftovers became the loop closure, and i found just the right retro button for it in my collection

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i really enjoyed making this – maybe there is more sock art in the pipeline …

not for sale

art from a sock?

as part of our wrapped in st marys event, the local op shop asked for art made from socks

i dyed a white sock with liquid radiance dyes and heat set the colours in the microwave

the colours became inspiration for embroidery

perhaps it will become a bag – who knows –










lots more embroidery to do; stay tuned ….

exhibition by linda burns 2

some more of linda burns’ wonderful artwork (click here if you missed the first post about this)

a selection of ceramics; note the striking designs and dramatic use of colour –

a set of 3 ceramic portraits with text –

2 paintings with dynamic colour and design; 5 ceramic nudes in interesting crackle-glazed finishes –

the official launch of the exhibition –

[linda is the one with the long hair and scarf just left of the central window]

exhibition by linda burns 1

the northeast corner of tasmania is a place where art happens

yesterday we went to an exhibition launch at the mathinna golden gate gallery called from my hand – the first solo exhibition of local artist linda burns

here’s a selection of her colourful ceramics:

a vibrant platter –

another platter, striking in simple black lines on a white background –

and a selection of geometric designs –

More photos soon …

graffiti 3

some more pics of artwork in hosier’s lane, melbourne

dining al fresco –

a paradox of pastel colours and hard-edged subject –

and a larger-than-life horse (this is one of my favourites) –

[please note that these photographs are my original artwork and should not be used in any way without permission]