bark 1

hooray – this afternoon i finished the first stage of my entry for the textile art challenge by stitching and beyond inc, which is ‘bark’

i’ve called it fractured

what was the inspirtion, i hear you ask

well, when i vistied melbourne recently i took some photographs of an amazing tree and a beautiful historic lamp post

they were both near federation wharf next to the yarra river

the bark on the tree was very textural and i knew it would be a wonderful inspiration for the textile art challenge

i tweaked the photos digitally and then printed them onto inkjet-printable fabric

i added some luscious cotton material i had bought for a totally different project but which was just right for this purpose

then i cut up the sections into strips and off-set them, ready to stitch to together again

there is a size requirement with this challenge, so i carefully trimmed the completed sections before adding a strip of sashing and an offset border

amazingly, it all worked out;  it now measures 60 cm x 42 cm – exactly the maximum size allowed

[next:  adding wadding and a backing, before quilting the layers together]

13 thoughts on “bark 1

  1. Do you start off a piece of work like this with the original materials (photo or fabric or paper or whatever) or do you start with an idea and then find what you want to develop and produce it with? This is fascinating… and lovely!


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