rites of passage: forget me not

i made this for an exhibition in hobart called passages, which afterwards toured the state for a year

it features digital printing on cloth, hand stitching, and new and upcycled materials

i included photographs of an old porcelain doll my daughter gave me

this artwork honours 2 convict women who respectively endured the harsh conditions in the female factory in hobart and in launceston (these were prisons for women transported from the united kingdom), as well as separation from family, including their own children

their names were amelia laing and sophia gunyon, and my husband is their descendant, as are our children

i included shredded documents (mattress filling) to demonstrate the secrecy surrounding their lives until i researched them

this is the poem i wrote for my description –

2 women, unconnected, yet connected
by crime, separation from their children
and 150 silent years*
also by blood: the blood of my husband,
daughter, son, son’s daughter
blood rites: rites of passage
sophia, amelia: welcome to the family

 [*not discovered till 2010]

© Rita Summers 2012

[to find out more, and see some close-up photos, click here]

not for sale

2 thoughts on “rites of passage: forget me not

    • Thanks so much Patty … I actually got quite emotional when I talked about it to a textile artist group not long after I finished it, which was unexpected but perhaps understandable … =D


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