rainforest + needlefelting

this is a selection of my needlefelted samples, made before i created the exhbition piece i blogged about earlier, called forbidden fruit

this sample (1 of 4) ended up being framed

i called it rainforest

after needlefelting layers of fibres onto a broken/found piece of crochet mounted on alpaca wadding, i embroidered it heavily, and then added beads and 2 metal leaves

it is mounted on a padded background covered in vintage silk

the 3 remaining samples are waiting for the next step

i used the same techniques but played with different colour groups

these were also machine quilted before adding hand stitching etc.

sample 2

sample 3

sample 4

the samples followed suggestions i found in quilting arts magazine, but they took on a life of their own and became my unique creations


not for salesamples 1, 2,3

13 thoughts on “rainforest + needlefelting

  1. I know Im late in discovering this post, but these are terrific I love them, they remind me so much of the work I used to do years ago (and almost forgot) Perhaps I need to find my roots again.


  2. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment – so now I have been admiring all your various works. I have just started needle-felting and this is wonderfully inspiring.


    • Thanks so much! I’m the same – enjoying the playing and learning. I think the key is to be open to new discoveries! I also love to see what other people do in their art; there is so much creativity out there … =D


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