beauty in decay

i photographed this amazing shed (and surrounding out-buildings) in deloraine, tasmania

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apparently the big shed used to be the milk depot for the surrounding farms

these buildings show that there is beauty in decay

4 thoughts on “beauty in decay

  1. What you call Beauty in Decay is also called Wabi Sabi, the ancient art of finding beauty in nature or beauty in chaos. You might enjoy some of the books on the subject. I don’t know a lot about it, but a guy gave a talk on it at our church. Nice capture. A book I did read was Wabi Sabi Love by Ford, about finding perfection in our partner’s imperfections. Good read. A friend of mine does quilting. So I’ll send her a link to your site.


    • Thank you Steve – for the visit and the comment! Yes, I’ve read about Wabi Sabi – a friend lent me a book on it describing this ancient Japanese tradition. I come at it from a Christian perspective, so much of my work with rusting, upcycled papers and fabrics, found objects and so on expresses that in an indirect way. A great concept, though, and I just love weathered paint, surfaces with patina and the textures of wear and tear! =D


  2. I totally agree about beauty in decay…there is something about peeling paint and rust…it has stories to tell

    thank you for sharing these photos…whenever I read “Tasmania” it conjurs up THE most exotic ideas in my head 🙂


    • When my parents told us we were moving from Canada to Tasmania, I thought it was pretty wonderful! I still do – love living here, esepcially now that I have a Tasmanian husband and offspring. Thanks so much for the lovely comment about my photos too … =D


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