inspirations 4

in june i posted some photos of mine which i hope will provide inspiration for my fibre and textile art; this is the 4th post on the subject

a boardwalk on eaglehawk neck, tasmania –

a jetty in orford, tasmania

a flight of steps outside the national gallery in melbourne, victory –

and another flight of steps near federation wharf in melbourne, victoria –


14 thoughts on “inspirations 4

  1. I’m surprised by this source of inspiration for your quilts. I’ve never equated the lines of stars with the lines of quilts, but now I can see it.

    And my favorite is the National Gallery steps. Not really the steps, but the circular tiles. For some reason I’m loving the grid and how they protrude out.


  2. I know these are for inspiration. I think it’s such a great idea to photo things like this that most people might overlook. I love the photos themselves.


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