tagged and ready to go

today i finished getting everything ready for the deloraine market on saturday

hatchlings, hearts and birds did not escape

neither did these rustic pincushions

the stitched cloth-covered journals only had a short reprieve

[i finished them late last night]

to see everything all together, click here to visit my to market, to market post on my other blog

to market, to market

i just finished getting everything ready for the market at deloraine this weekend

i also wrote up an inventory, and what i’m taking amounts to nearly $2000 … phew

if even a fraction of that gets sold i’ll be happy

this photo doesn’t do it justice – it’s hard to see all the small things in baskets, boxes and even an old suitcase (see bottom left of photo)

i collected up some of it from my gallery (mostly stuff i’ve made this year)

i also made some items specifically for the market – to see more, click here

all buttoned up

after i made the key bracelet, i rediscovered some lovely floral wooden buttons that someone had given me

i love buttons and have quite a collection – i think i might be a buttonaholic

these particular ones were just right for the centres of some crocheted flowers

a pink crocheted cord contrasted well with the blue yarn

another button made a great closure

it was fun making this bracelet!

for sale – click here

[to see more of my fibre jewellery, click here]

opus 16

recently i posted a page about 3 drawings i did on rusted text paper

what i didn’t mention was that i featured them in a handmade artist book

i used upcycled cardboard and found objects as well as some extra rusted papers, such as sheet music

i also added plant dyed wool and silk, and – of course – stitch

holes were cut into the pages and ‘screened’ with thread, as an experiment to allow the reader to glimpse other parts of the book

i was also interested to see how these holes allowed the light in, which is why i took so many photos!