small art

some more of my drawings, but in smaller sizes than usual

these 4 are in artist trading card size –

this set is called keyholes – drawn on the back of old tasmanian frieght train tickets –

as you can see, these were drawn in 2009 – i only refound the images the other day …

5 thoughts on “small art

  1. Hi, I really like these. I want to make little art too. What do you mean when you say “artist trading cards” ? Do you send cards out into the world and wait for them to come back?


    • Yes, kind of, except they don’t come back, because you trade them. You receive artwork from someone else as an exchange. There are quite a few online groups that do this! I didn’t send these off, though – I just made them in that size … =D


      • Oh right. How fun! = ) good luck with them!!
        also, I recomment you have a look at because it’s got some awesome alternative comics and graphic novels. I did some illustration work for a couple of the books. It’s really good stuff. =D xxxxxxxx


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