for several years i’ve been making art on the theme of earthsongs

some of my rusted and mixed media artworks are in this series

i also did a series of 6 drawings on paper bags with earthsongs as the title

earthsongs 1

I hand stitched around the edge of each bag with black perle cotton

inside the bag is a piece of rusted paper with the words from the drawing written on it

to see all 6 drawings, click here


12 thoughts on “earthsongs

    • I’m so glad you like them; thank you! I guess when you allow the rhymic processes to ‘speak’ to you, the movement and balance follow almost subconsiously – your beautiful textile art demonstrates this to me too =D


    • Isn’t it great how we can ‘visit’ without suffering jet lag! Loved visiting your blog – I will be dropping in regularly; thank you very much for visiting and commenting too … =D


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