more crochet neckpieces

i had a lot of fun making these

they feature hyperbolic crochet, which is a visual expression of the mathematical theory behind ‘frilled’ shapes in nature

[think of curly lettuce, sea cucumbers, fungi and so on]

i’ve made 5 of these altogether; here’s one of them –

i’ve used a lovely carved bone button for the closure –

a variety of yarns in soft shades of cream, green, beige and pink enhance the curved shaping of the hyperbolic crochet method –

sustainable wood beads are crocheted into the neck edge –

adding more beads is a great way to use all those yarn ends that you hate having to sew in

this way, you just let them all hang out –

to see more of my hyperbolic crochet creations, click here

for sale – click here

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In my past life I've been a teacher, a community house manager and a radio station manager. Art has been a strong thread that has run through most of my life, and is now my main focus and passion. I co-own and operate a gallery in Tasmania, Australia.

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