mEsH 1 + 2

i made these infinity scarves during june and finally photographed them the other day

mEsH 1 – variety of colourful yarns in 8 ply

mEsH 2 – double strands of 8 play yarns (scarf); single strands (disks)

for sale – click here

9 thoughts on “mEsH 1 + 2

  1. Good morning ….. and Thank you for visiting my blog! It really encouraged me, I had half decided not to bother blogging any more but by your visit I think I may continue!
    I love the diversity of your blog and find much inspiration here. I have never tried a “free hand” style of crochet, but I do have in mind that I want to crochet over smooth stones ….. it is a long journey to the coast but a journey that is due soon :o)
    Whatever you are doing this week, may it be creative!
    best wishes Val xx


    • It was a pleasure to visit your blog – thanks so much for visiting mine, and for your lovely positive comments! Hope you’ll continue with blogging – I would like to see what you do with those stones when you find them … =D


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