i love experimenting … i made two crochet cuffs featuring beads and hardware

however, one cuff sold before i had a chance to photograph it

this one i got in time

i’ve called it urban

the beads are sustainable wood

the buttons are from my stash and the washers came from the hardware section at our local supermarket

for sale – click here

7 thoughts on “urban

  1. Ooh, this is fab πŸ™‚ I love the idea of using washers as decorations! Was the other one the same or did you try something else? There’s loads of other hardware items you could try – tiny nuts and bolts perhaps? I haven’t tried adding beads into crochet yet, think I need to have a go x


    • Yes – give it a try; it’s great fun! I’ve used hardware items in other work too, including fishing swivels; I also use rusty bits and pieces as my other artistic identity (i.e. ‘gone rustic’) =D


      • Forgot to mention – the other cuff was similar in style, but I used thin green cotton tape and stainless steel thread, i.e. i crocheted them together as if they were one strand … =D


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