opus 16

recently i posted a page about 3 drawings i did on rusted text paper

what i didn’t mention was that i featured them in a handmade artist book

i used upcycled cardboard and found objects as well as some extra rusted papers, such as sheet music

i also added plant dyed wool and silk, and – of course – stitch

holes were cut into the pages and ‘screened’ with thread, as an experiment to allow the reader to glimpse other parts of the book

i was also interested to see how these holes allowed the light in, which is why i took so many photos!


13 thoughts on “opus 16

  1. I love the artist book! it is not the normal type book that one sees; it is better! I like how you took your drawings and placed them in a location. I am a huge fan of using found objects in artwork and I love how you used that here.


    • I’m so glad you like it – thank you for your lovely comments! I have to be creative about how I display my artwork, since it’s expensive to frame everything. Makes me think outside the box … =D


  2. I like these very much and it reminds me of something I did with my students… I’ll write about it before too long. I love what you do, really love it!


      • I hope you’ll like it… I have to do some work for it first… don’t want to be too mysterious but I just have to do a little something which might take a few days!
        Your work is a great inspiration!


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