quilting done – 3 rivers (cont.)

after doing some reverse sewing* i finished the quilting on friday

yesterday i started stitching some black buttons from my stash onto the brown rectangles

i also added some writing with black textile pen

i think i’m pretty happy with it so far …

to find out more about this project, click on the links below

[* by ‘reverse sewing’ i mean unpicking … some of the quilting just didn’t work out]

exhibition launch – true nature

beth verschoyle is an amazingly talented textile artist living in eastern tasmania

here she is with part of her display, bathed in afternoon sunshine (more photos here)


[photography by rita summers]

600, 200 and 1000

thanks to the blogging community – i.e. you – i reached some milestones over the past week


200 follows


i started this blog in april this year and had no idea it would create this much interest

thank you from the bottom of my heart

quilting begun on 3 rivers

started quilting today

wanted to have a very free style of quilting – not too structured

wrote on it with textile pen as well

so far i’m reasonably happy with it

more quilting tomorrow …

about 3 rivers

i posted this week about an art quilt – or scroll – that i’m working on, called 3 rivers

i’ve been asked if i can verbalise what it’s about, so i gave it a go this morning

this is an edited version of what i wrote

3 rivers

1st river – this river signifies the end of a journey and re-entry into inheritance

2nd river – this river signifies an ancient travelling route and meeting place

3rd river – this river runs with blood

it is also about –

  • despair/hope
  • end/beginning
  • exile/restoration
  • death/life
  • blood/water

when the river turned to blood we could not drink the water

  • the black war
  • the black line
  • the convicts

it is very complex and it took a while – layer upon layer of meaning, coming out of my Christian faith and my response to tasmanian history