we did it!

we did it – not only did we get up really early on market day, but we made it by 8 a.m.

what an enjoyable time we had – not only with our own stall, but browsing (and buying) was fun too

deloraine market is quite big and there was a great atmosphere

the other stallholders were very friendly and there was a really interesting variety of things for sale

here are some views of our stall – including my embroidered birds, hearts & pincushions

we both forgot camera and/or phones in the sleepy-eyed rush so had to use hubby’s phone to record our efforts

daughter does beautiful knitting (scarves in foreground), makes paper clay hearts (on the oval dish), and sells collectibles (eg. french postcards, next to scarves)

despite the early (and very cold) morning, she still had a smile for everyone (in the front are some beautiful vintage silk shirts she was selling)

stitchedupmama had some crochet for sale too – hats, fibre jewellery and cowls (in tray, at left, and on stand, centre;  also, check out the first two photos on this post)

there were only trestle tables available, so we dressed ours up with vintage embroidered tablecloths and vintage boxes, trays, baskets and stands

when it was all over, hubby took us to the deli for coffee and cake before taking us home (he had also done most of the fetching and carrying while we set up)

we finished the day with a movie – three amigos – but we were so tired our laughter became rather hysterical …

was it worth all the effort of doing a market stall, i hear you ask

yes, definitely!

6 thoughts on “we did it!

    • Thanks Patty! We’ve since tweaked our display and consolidated everything so it will be much simpler next time, and hopefully look more professional. A learning experience, and yes, very tiring, but worth every minute … =D


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