potato chip quilts are fat-free

judy, of bagdad quilting supplies, set up shop for us yesterday

she also taught us how to make a potato chip quilt top, using 2.5 inch strips of fabric

her vibrant quilt top was a real hit and had an exotic, tropical ‘feel’ to it

mine was made from a christmas fabric jelly roll – I guess you could call it ‘rustic country

ruth went for soft teal blue and green, with a combination of 2 lovely fabrics (one of these featured a large print of roses)

sharmaine showed off her beautiful blue and grey design – she is in the photo, but you can’t see her because she’s hiding behind her quilt top

barb chose maroon/pink with blue – a stunning combination

we also enjoyed retail therapy with judy – after all, we had to buy border and backing fabrics for our new ufo’s

i couldn’t resist buying some of her lovely embroidery threads

we had a great time, and were thrilled with our new quilt tops

however, i have to admit that even though the potato chip quilts were fat-free (and calorie-free), the same cannot be said about the pavlova cake i made for supper …

9 thoughts on “potato chip quilts are fat-free

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your potato chip quilts–a very foody pattern: previously I’ve heard it called lasagne quilt. I’ve never seen it done in just two colors before, nor the color changes so carefully repeated before–creates nice effects.


    • It was a pleasure to visit your blog – thanks for dropping in to mine too! None of us planned how our strips were arranged – what happened, happened. So Barb’s more regular quilt was a complete surprise! I think the unplanned technique was why we enjoyed the class so much… =D


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I thought I’d return the favour. I used to live in Tassie and really miss it so I’ll be back to see what you’re up to in that lovely part of the world.


    • Thank you – glad you like them! A pavlova cake is layers of baked meringue with caramel sauce, sliced banana, whipped cream and shaved chocolate – I found the recipe in a magazine called ‘Delicious’ … very yummy, and very naughty! =D


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