no-cost display stands

i’ve been trying to work out the best way to display my neckpiece creations

yesterday i played around with some upcycled corrugated cardboard packaging and – voila! – this happened

the slots for fitting them together had to be angled so that the stands leaned back a bit, otherwise the weight of the neckpieces would tip them forward

all i needed was a stanley knife (luckily i have one) to make these, and each one took about 2 minutes to make

i think all those childhood hours spent playing with (and making) paper dolls finally paid off …

8 thoughts on “no-cost display stands

  1. I concur with other commenters. This is a great idea. I also love that picket fence image with the ‘warmer’ beanie. I am definitely gonna incorporate that display into my booths…sooner or later…


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