stitchedupmama on display

even though my gallery and its blog are named (and themed) as gone rustic, i also sell my stitchedupmama creations there

it hasn’t been easy to find ways to display them

i shared a post recently about the stands i made to showcase my neckpieces

here they are ‘in situ’ at gone rustic

it took me a while to work out how to display my crochet (and other) jewellery to its best advantage, but i think i’ve finally done it (not all of these have been photographed individually yet)

i had the same problem with my mEsH infinity scarves and triangle scarf, but eventually i put them on wooden coat hangers and hung them on an old clothes airer

more scarves, the spinning flower beanie, the firebird beanie, and the equinnox and panorama sets are piled in an old suitcase in front

8 thoughts on “stitchedupmama on display

  1. There is nothing so frustrating as a potential customer looking at lovely things as not having them displayed nicely or interestingly or invitingly! Yours look lovely, nice, interesting and inviting! I like the neck and shoulder shapes – displays your work so beautifully, and I love the tree… Brilliant!


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