3 rivers

this quilt may end up being a scroll

a quilt – or scroll – that is about genocide, oppression, death … oh, and being sorry, and forgiveness, and hope

it is also about 3 rivers (more about that later)

the back is pieced from 2 ‘found’ fabrics – one commercial, one hand printed

all the fabrics on the front have been designed, printed, dyed and/or painted by me (except for the little brown rectangles)

i’m now thinking about how i will quilt the layers

8 thoughts on “3 rivers

  1. just visited your spoonflower shop – some very interesting patterns you’ve got going there! And this piece really speaks to me. I like how evocative it is without very much narrative at all.


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment – the ‘rivers’ piece is actually hard to verbalise, but I gave it a go this morning (will post it soon). I guess pictures do speak louder than words! =D


  2. And not before! (you have finished the piece)
    I can understand that!
    Rita, creating a “quilt” that touches our inner self is sometimes so personal, that we can not share.
    our thoughts and feelings.
    . Sometimes it is an awakening of our “inner self” that we don’t wish to share.
    If nothing else, I wil be interested in learning of your techniques…….


  3. Rita
    Your mind set has me intrigued. I hope you explain more about why you have chosen this genre, and HOW you have worked each section. I truly look forward to reading yourdissertation


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