quilting done – 3 rivers (cont.)

after doing some reverse sewing* i finished the quilting on friday

yesterday i started stitching some black buttons from my stash onto the brown rectangles

i also added some writing with black textile pen

i think i’m pretty happy with it so far …

to find out more about this project, click on the links below

[* by ‘reverse sewing’ i mean unpicking … some of the quilting just didn’t work out]

13 thoughts on “quilting done – 3 rivers (cont.)

  1. So amazing! Quilting is one of the art forms I admire from afar because I have neither the space nor (more importantly) the patience to do. I’ll visit often!


  2. Very appealing. I prefer the term “frog stitching” to reverse stitching.but then “rippit! Rippit! rippit” does sound rather frantic, doesn’t it!


      • I really find it adds to my enjoyment of a piece of art if I know what it means to the artist – it won’t necessarily change the meaning I take from it, but often it enhances my appreciation. It’s also jolly interesting to know the process – both mental and actual in making a piece!
        Lovely work!


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