hidden treasures – cont.

while visiting family for the weekend, i finished hand stitching the cover of my pocket book

after we came home i added a lining and attached the pockets to the cover by machine

i raided my jewellery box and found a broken necklace which was just right for embellishing the spine

i also raided a jewellery box i inherited from a relative some years ago

in it, i found some treasures to add to some of mine

these will go into some of the pockets, along with contributions from some special people in my life

now to work out how to make a closure for the cover …

hidden treasures – cover begun

in my last post i mentioned that i had completed all 7 pockets for my cloth book

yesterday i ‘collaged’ some wadding with pieces of my own plant dyed and rusted fabrics (silk, cotton, satin, lace)

i machine stitched through all the layers with gold metallic thread

this morning i began the handstitching, adding upcycled buttons as embellishment

i’ve tried to continue the style i developed when making the pockets

more soon!

new pockets – all done!

this morning i just had time to finish pocket no. 7 before rushing off to open my gallery at 10 a.m.(it’s the one at bottom right in the photo)

as you can see if you’ve been following my ‘pockets progress’, i made a few changes to some of the embellishments

pocket 7 deserves its own close-up photos – after all, the others got them when they were completed

i also just had time to cut out the cover pieces for what is going to be a pocket book before I raced out the door

‘in progress’ photos of that will be posted soon

[the name of the book will be hidden treasures]

subversiveness continues

this morning i finished a second bowl using materials from our dismantled electric blanket

it is crocheted from thin strips of the blanket material for the base and most of the sides

then i’ve added torn silk, including vintage silk linings, and satin ribbon

again, i let the ends hang out …

torn strips of silk are also piled into the basket

[7 inches diameter – top;  10.5 inches diameter – across widest point]

now to cut more strips for part 3 of this project …

hands, hearts and rainbow colours (cont.)

today, I finished the quilt top that I posted about yesterdayImage

the blue batik border fabric wasn’t quite long enough, so I added thin pink batik strips on the ends

a miscalculation in the top and bottom borders meant a bit more tweaking (note the extra ‘sashing’ strips in pink)Image

well, they do say that every mistake is a creative opportunity!