3 rivers is finished!

finished late last night – click on each picture to view and/or zoom in

my dear husband cut the rods for me, and i painted and sealed them before adding beads and ribbon

i also added a key (keys appear often in my work)

taking it to hobart with me today to unveil with friends …


and – in other news – i made some little vessels this week, using jute string, wool and buttons:

18 thoughts on “3 rivers is finished!

  1. I enjoyed reading about the development of this piece. I am not a sewer or stitcher but I admire the work of textile artists. Work such as yours is a feast for the senses. This piece is also full of meaning as you have explained in an earlier post.


  2. Haven’t visited you for some time – can never seem to stay up to date with everyone’s postings – have missed seeing what you are up to. The above pieces are superb – I am so in awe of fabric artists like yourself. Please explain the connection, if any, between photo 1 and photo 2. Does 1 unfold into 2? If so that’s so wonderful, like a Chinese scroll painting. If not, I like them also as separate pieces. 1 is almost figurative, like two lovers – 2 is magnificent and the text works in so well. Do I also detect some influence from indigenous art?
    Thanks for all of your visits to art rat and I look forward to exploring more of your site that I have missed…


    • Thanks for visiting today, and for your lovely, thoughtful comment! The scroll and the quilt are one and the same; one photo shows it rolled up, and the other unrolled. I think any indigenous art influence was subliminal, which often happens when I just work intuitively. Since some of its complex meaning does include the near genocide of Tasmanian aborigines, signified by the black line/s running across the centre, I guess that is quite appropriate … Looking forward to more mutual art visits! =D


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