best sellers

these sell so well in my gallery i can barely keep up

so i got to work last night and made a bird hanger …

… and a heart brooch

[100% natural fibres – wool, cotton]

12 thoughts on “best sellers

    • Thank you! I’ve made lots, and each one is different … I think it also helps that they’re small so often tourists pick them up to take home (easier to find a space in their suitcases) =D


  1. Lovely colours! And the embroidery is very cute. Methinks I’ll sell felt brooches at the next Christmas Fair, too. They’re just such lovely little gifts. I can never get my stitching as even as yours, though…


    • Go for it – and have fun designing your own unique style! I cut all mine freehand, so no two are the same … I also stitch them freehand, with the same result. It keeps me interested! =D


      • wow, freehand wouldn’t be an option for me… I’m symmetrically challenged 🙂
        That’s why I thought of doing some paisley shapes (asymmetric!) and a kind of art nouveau doodle embroidery … Think that might work? Will post a photo when I’ve done a proto-type.


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