best sellers (cont.)

as i posted the other day, a little bird was ‘hatched’ earlier this week

it soon had company

a new little heart brooch also joined the group, but the camera batteries needed recharging

i’ll post a photo of that soon …

[hand stitched; 100 % natural fibres (wool, cotton); buttons from my stash; original designs]

for sale – click here

6 thoughts on “best sellers (cont.)

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    • Thank you! The wood is part of an old handmade washboard someone found in their shed; just the right amount of wear and tear to make it interesting … =D


      • I have a bunch of driftwood in my shop… I use it for displaying my shell angels. Love the effect. I just found an old ladder on the beach… thinking of what to use it for 🙂 I remember you said you are using wood and metal in your shop – great idea!


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