an amazing discovery

recently i posted a series of instalments showing the development of my 3 rivers art quilt/scroll

on the back is a very striking hand dyed and printed fabric in red and black

it’s been in my stash for years, and i was so pleased to finally find a use for it

when beth verschoyle’s true nature exhibition was launched at my gallery recently, i had the almost completed 3 rivers on a table in the nearby studio
beth looked at it, then turned it over and asked, ‘where did you find this red and black fabric?’
i explained that i’d had it a long time, and that it had either been found in an op shop or had been given to me
then she dropped the bombshell
she said, ‘i dyed and printed that fabric!’
when i asked her when that was, she replied ‘about 40 years ago!’
how amazing is that!?!

14 thoughts on “an amazing discovery

  1. I love this piece of yours – the dyer must have been pleased (not to mention – surprised) that her cloth found its way into something so moving and well-executed.


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