pocket swaps – finished!

after a family crisis yesterday, i went to bed late and got up early

i put the wakeful hours to good use by working on my pocket swaps for the cloth paper studio online group

i added a key and ribbon to the front of pocket 1

i also added a press stud closure – simple but effective

i collect old keys and buttons as you can see, so pocket 2 didn’t escape embellishment

another simple press stud closure was the final finishing touch

both pockets are now ready to mail but i’ll keep them for a few days before i say my final goodby!

[to see how the pockets will be used, click here]

10 thoughts on “pocket swaps – finished!

    • Yes, it could work really well with denim, although handstitching through fabric as thick as that might be tricky. However, machine stitching would work fine. Thanks for the comment too, and happy to share the inspiration! =D


    • Yes it is – can’t claim any credit for it, though! There’s a link at the bottom of the post to the person who originally dreamed it up … the nice thing about it is that you can use the basic idea and then personalise it however you like … =D


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