new pockets – cont.

i’m making good progress on my goal to make a total of 7 pockets for a cloth book

pocket no. 2 continues the theme begun with pocket 1

as does pocket no. 3 (click here to see this one in progress)

i’ve also started pocket no. 4 – so far, i’ve collaged the background, and begun adding embroidery, buttons and quilting

[plant dyed and rusted fabrics and lace; buttons; machine and handstitching; cotton wadding; linen lining; ribbon]

12 thoughts on “new pockets – cont.

  1. Really like your pocket concept. Lovely simple shape, perfect for embellishing in a thousand different ways. And there’s something much nicer about having a pocket as opposed to a bag or purse. I’m inspired now 😉


  2. Your pockets are so beautiful, thanks for the tutorial you have done. I love the manner in which you make the combination of colors and materials, really inspiring, thanks for sharing them with us.


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