hands, hearts and rainbow colours

it all began when people close to me were going through a hard time

i asked some stitching friends to make either a hand or a heart square to put into a friendship quilt

we ended up with 24 squares

i’ve stitched them together in groups of 4, and this morning i cut the rest of the sashing and the borders

when we present them with the finished quilt i’ll ask their permission for a photo – stay tuned …

14 thoughts on “hands, hearts and rainbow colours

  1. Love your hand & heart quilt! Myself and several of my fellow coworkers are forming a group to make a quilt to auction for charity in May. Is this pattern available for sale?
    Thank you,
    Deb Zak


    • Hi Deb – I’m not sure if I still have the pattern for the hearts and hands; I will have a look for you tomorrow. We just adlibed the rest of the quilt, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you much about the construction!


      • No problem thanks for looking! I can improvise as needed but I would like a pattern for the blocks as we have many beginners in our group 🙂 Any help you can give me would be much appreciated!


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  3. Rita!
    My husband and I were gifted similar hugs of love when he was dying.
    After his death I gifted one particular quilt to our young grand daughter so she could wrap herself in Gramps’ hugs. Five years later (age 16) that quilt sustains her memories of him
    . Thank you for thinking of those suffering heartbreak


    • I couldn’t change the actual situation, but this was something I could do that was positive and showed that there is good in the world … quilts are so nurturing, and a wonderful expression of the love and care that people want to demonstrate, as you’ve experienced too! =D


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