hands, hearts and rainbow colours (cont.)

today, I finished the quilt top that I posted about yesterdayImage

the blue batik border fabric wasn’t quite long enough, so I added thin pink batik strips on the ends

a miscalculation in the top and bottom borders meant a bit more tweaking (note the extra ‘sashing’ strips in pink)Image

well, they do say that every mistake is a creative opportunity!

9 thoughts on “hands, hearts and rainbow colours (cont.)

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  2. I like the extra bits of sashing, it’s definitely in the original spirit of our quilting ancestors! I like to follow the liberated quiltmaking mantra “if it’s too long, chop a bit off; if it’s too short, add a bit on” or something along those lines 🙂
    How are you planning to quilt the top?


    • I so agree! One of my fellow quilters calls this ‘fudging’. We like fudging! I’m thinking of machine quilting in the ditch and then using button ties – keeping it simple and quick! =D


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