new pockets – all done!

this morning i just had time to finish pocket no. 7 before rushing off to open my gallery at 10 a.m.(it’s the one at bottom right in the photo)

as you can see if you’ve been following my ‘pockets progress’, i made a few changes to some of the embellishments

pocket 7 deserves its own close-up photos – after all, the others got them when they were completed

i also just had time to cut out the cover pieces for what is going to be a pocket book before I raced out the door

‘in progress’ photos of that will be posted soon

[the name of the book will be hidden treasures]


8 thoughts on “new pockets – all done!

    • I’m inviting some special people to contribute a ‘hidden treasure’ for the pockets – it will be interesting to see what they give me! Thanks very much for the lovely comment … =D


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