hidden treasures – cont.

while visiting family for the weekend, i finished hand stitching the cover of my pocket book

after we came home i added a lining and attached the pockets to the cover by machine

i raided my jewellery box and found a broken necklace which was just right for embellishing the spine

i also raided a jewellery box i inherited from a relative some years ago

in it, i found some treasures to add to some of mine

these will go into some of the pockets, along with contributions from some special people in my life

now to work out how to make a closure for the cover …

27 thoughts on “hidden treasures – cont.

  1. I’m going to start making art fabric journal this month! I’ve been collecting items to use in making one. Yours is one of my favorite journals I’ve seen. You have inspired me to get started. I LOVE YOUR FABRIC JOURNAL! You are so very creative with you art!


  2. This is just the perfect thing I need to make to keep my Nan’s silver thimble, her engagement ring, Mum’s engagement ring and maybe mine too – or at least until I have it resized. I love everything about it – thank you SO much for sharing


  3. Your pocket book is so very lovely. It prompted me to sign up for the swap on the yahoo group. Now that I’ve perused your blogs and etsy shop, I’m feeling a bit intimidated. I love your blog header photo and that apron … oh my!!! Thank you for the inspiration.


    • Thank you, Jan – I’m so glad you’ve signed up for the group! I really appreciate your browsing my blogs and shop, too. Please don’t feel intimidated – we’re all on a journey, and our creativity flows with that. Glad to inspire, though … the most important thing is: have FUN! =D


  4. What lovely work! I agree about the button and the elastic. One excellent source of ready made elastic loops is hair elastics. They come in many different colours and sizes, and you don’t have to worry about a join or loose ends.


      • The idea for the hair elastic is simply brilliant. They make one type of hair elastic s that don’t have the metal fasteners which hold the ends together; they would be the more desirable of the two, as that metal fastener could abrade the cover. I’m definitely going to use the hair elastic fastener idea. Thank you, Julie!


  5. Your book is simply lovely. I did have one thought regarding how to create a closure: sew an attractive, bejeweled button on the cover, and a loop of strong elastic on the back. Then you can simply put the loop over the button to close it, and it’s equally easy to open it. Or you could make a Velcro closure (the hook tape sewn on the front and a ribbon-backed strip of the loop tape sewn on the back). Either would work, but the button and elastic option is, I feel, more attractive, and a bit quicker to open and close.


  6. Beautiful and so creative with the use of recycled jewelry…always makes sense to me to use those wonderful finds and things we treasure. Your are so inspiring to me! Thank you for sharing.


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