even more subversive

in my previous post, i described the dismantling and possible repurposing of our electric blanket

starting with the wire for the base, i kept going until i ran out

next, i crocheted some of the stitched blanket edging which was cut off to access the wire

i let the loops and ends hang freely outside the edges

the cloth tapes used to tie the electric blanket (plus some more from my stash) add variety and texture

i also chained a long piece of wire that was left at the end of one row and another on the rim

possible name – connected

[size – 8.5 inches diameter, or 21.5 cm]

i’ve now started cutting the blanket fabric into long strips and crocheting them … more soon!

hands, hearts and rainbow colours

it all began when people close to me were going through a hard time

i asked some stitching friends to make either a hand or a heart square to put into a friendship quilt

we ended up with 24 squares

i’ve stitched them together in groups of 4, and this morning i cut the rest of the sashing and the borders

when we present them with the finished quilt i’ll ask their permission for a photo – stay tuned …

i’m becoming more subversive

yesterday my love and i dismantled our electric blanket

we weren’t just being destructive

it had actually stopped working

i thought the wool material would be great for dyeing

but being a subversive type, especially where crochet is concerned, i looked at the wiring (and my size 10 giant crochet hook) with a thoughtful eye

note the heat discolouration – lucky we didn’t catch fire

now i’m looking at the cotton tapes …

new pockets – 4 down, 3 to go

here are all of the finished pockets so far (the latest, pocket no. 4, is shown at bottom right of photo)

as mentioned in my previous post, I added embroidery, quilting and buttons (and a key)

after coming home from spending time with family in launceston yesterday, I sat up late preparing the last 3 backgrounds

everything is stitched down, ready for hand embellishment today and tomorrow

starting to think about the cover now …

[plant dyed and rusted silk, cotton, nylon and lace; cotton wadding; buttons; machine and hand stitching; linen lining; press studs; ribbon; keys]