recently i was invited to showcase some of my small art on the respected galleribba website

this is a global online gallery of amazing small artworks (maximum length on any side of 30 cm), all of which are for sale

3 of my textile artworks are now for sale there

journey of life: fire

journey of life: light


many thanks to meta for inviting me, and for the great job she does as curator!


13 thoughts on “galleribba

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  2. ‘Fire’ looks as if a three-fingered goddess was holding it… I love the colours and that you incorporated a spiral into an artwork called ‘journey of life’ – so appropriate!


  3. I LOVE Narnia! One of the first books I ever bought for myself was “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”, and I still love, and regularly read the book, often. Thanks for sharing your lovely work.


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