two exhibitions in one

the last exhibition at gone rustic studio and gallery for 2012 was launched on 9 november – an unusual combo of UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) and a selection of work by two Tasmanian photographers

the photographers are jessica turale (who specialises in evocative themed portrait/landscape photography), and james brewer (whose beautiful landscapes are showcased mainly in greyscale, often in vertical formats)

both artists are based in north-western tasmania, and the display is touring the state under the auspices of break o’day regional arts, a branch of tasmanian regional arts

for the UFO’s, the rustic ragamuffins, a stitching group which meets at my gallery each week, challenged themselves to complete at least one unfinished item this year;  some were so conscientious they finished several!

there will be a viewer’s choice award for the UFO’s, with the prize being a basket of beauty products and – of course – fabric

one of my entries is the friendship quilt i have blogged about previously

the prospective recipients know nothing about it and i will have to wait to give it to them until the exhibition comes down in early december

hope they like it …

6 thoughts on “two exhibitions in one

    • Thank you; glad you like it! I think groups do fluctuate a bit … we only have 4-6 regular members, and some of the participants in this quilt live elsewhere (isn’t email a wonderful thing)! =D


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