secrets cont.

over the weekend i started cutting and making blocks using samples of fabric from my secrets fabric collection

i experimented to find a good block design which would make best use of the fabric, i.e. waste as little of it as possiblesecrets block 8

i ended up with something similar to the traditional patience corner patchwork block

it doesn’t look too bad at all, in my humble opinion!

i cut out 10 blocks in total, with more swatches stacked ready to cut up

the last 4 blocks i cut are in a different configuration, which might get used for a separate project

some of the designs have been ‘tweaked’ since these swatches arrived, but they still give a good representation, especially of colour

more progress in my next post …

[note – this fabric collection was inspired by my original drawings with text from my visual journal, secrets]

12 thoughts on “secrets cont.

  1. I don’t know much about quilting, but the pattern in the large picture is simply lovely. I adore the combination of that intense blue and magenta–it’s one of my favorites.


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