check out the new burrowed blog by ree smith, a very talented and creative tasmanian artist

handmade jewellery, scarves and more!

6 thoughts on “burrowed

  1. Hi, Rita; I’ve been enjoying seeing your work for some time now, and I have a suggestion: I think You should submit some of your offerings to some of Stampington Publishing’s magazines. Your work is every bit as good as some of the things I’ve seen on their pages. If you haven’t done so, well, then, it’s time! Their website is http://www.stampington.com –and their publications include Belle Armoire; Somerset Studio; and a number of other fine art-related magazines, particularly for art quilting, mixed media, altered clothing, and other art forms,. I think you’re a good fit. Just a thought!
    Susannah Ayres-Thomas


    • Thank you so much for the suggestion, Susannah – you’ve made my day! It just so happens I’ve just been invited by Stampington to submit 2 art quilts for possible inclusion in one of their magazines – ‘alchemy’ and ‘survival’. I don’t know if it will come to anything, but I’m giving it a go! =D


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