getting shirty

thanks to pillows-a-la-mode, I was inspired to recycle a shirt into something new

to be precise, a pyjama shirt, recycled into many new thingsgetting shirty - rita summers 2013there was enough fabric to make a cushion, 2 x luggage tags, a journal cover, 2 x brooches, a cuff, a drawstring bag, 2 x pocket bags, a heart hanger and a wallet

wool felt added; embellished with buttons, beads and hand stitching

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or to be precise – everyone seems to be smiling today

this is the name of the sketchbook i’ve just sent to new york for the sketchbook project

sketchbook 2013 - rita summers 1 sketchbook 2013 - rita summers 2to see all the pages, click here


100_1785i love using found objects on my textile art pieces – including nails (in this case, vintage handmade copper ones)

other additions include plastic milk bottle rings inside the little gathered silk yo yos, a broken ring, the inside of a broken clothes peg and some old leather buttons

anything is fair game if it can be stitched on or into

after some soul-searching, i’ve also decided to offer it for sale

‘matriarchs’ – a tribute to the women who have nurtured us and contributed to our society through the centuries

pilgrim cottage

if you’ve visited my about page, you would have noticed some links to my online shops

you might also have noticed that i sell collectibles in one of them, which i’ve called¬† pilgrim cottage

here are some of my latest listings available for salePilgrim Cottage Collectibles Jan 2013

the name pilgrim cottage came from the book by cecil roberts called …. gone rustic

can you see the pattern here in my choice of business names?

for sale – click here

catchup – xmas fun at gone rustic

i thought i’d share what we made at our christmas breakup night here at gone rusticxmas at gone rustic 2012

we all made giant paper stars (snowflakes?) from 2 different sorts of paper

everyone seems pleased with their handiwork … or was it anticipation for the tasty supper that was waiting for us?