island of treasures

this book has just been published and features museums and small collections in tasmania

page 65 features my favourite man and the museum he set up, called st marys cranks and tinkerers

it also features his prized 1949 anglia ford tourermuseum book - 3he opened the museum in an old supermarket a few years ago, and when that was put up for sale, he had to pack it up

now the museum is open again, in the historic st marys railway station

this very high-quality book was put together by museum consultant sue atkinsonmuseum book - 1our copy features her personal autographmuseum book - 2tasmania is full of treasures and this book is a great way to find out about them!

new book

this book is a bit specialbookbinding 3a - rita summers 2013it features a friend’s hand-dyed silk on the cover, and another friend’s rusted and embellished papers – thank you, beth and maggie!bookbinding 3b - rita summers 2013bookbinding 3d - rita summers 2013bookbinding 3e - rita summers 2013i added some of my rusted papers into the mixbookbinding 3c - rita summers 2013coptic binding holds it all togetherbookbinding 3aa - rita summers 2013[can you tell that it’s raining today?]

to find out how i learned how to do this, click here

burrowed fashion

my son’s partner is making and selling beautiful jewellery and scarvesBurrowed Fashion - Ree Smith

she is so talented –  why not visit her website and view (and buy) one of her unique items

go, girl!

[btw, the dog is called ruby]


i went to a wonderful workshop in hobart last weekend, organised by stitching and beyond inc

our tutors, jenny and elizabeth, were amazing

here is jenny at work100_4508 elizabeth (third from right) gives us some tips

100_4491100_4509it was so inspiring to see and touch the books on display, made by our tutors100_4492here are some of their stunning creations – click on any picture to start the slideshow

with their help, we each made 2 handmade books using either coptic or celtic handstitched binding

all the pages were handcut and folded, and we made our own covers using paper or fabric

i enjoyed the workshop immensely, and am very happy with how my two books turned out100_4519another one is in progress …

support needed please!

‘rites of passage: forget me not’ is a textile art piece I made to honour the memory of 2 convict womenrites of passage - forget me not, by rita summers

if you think it should be part of a museum exhibition honouring tasmanian history, please visit this link:

then click on my art image, scroll down, comment and share

thanks in anticipation!