hung out to dry

hand dyed cheesecloth for the online class i’m doing with dijanne cevaal

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our back porch catches the morning sun

managed to get the fabric dyed, rinsed and hung outside before going to the gallery for the day

how i did it:

  • colour – mid green (looks darker, but maybe that’s because it’s still wet)
  • dyetintex hot water dye
  • measurements – 10 g (about 3 tspns) powdered dye to 4-5 cups boiling water
  • fabric – 2 x types of cheesecloth, one with embroidery and one with little stars (about 50 cm x 100 cm each);  folded, then held together loosely with rubber bands and soaked in cold water before dyeing
  • simmer time – slow boil for 15-20 minutes (i used metal tongs to turn the bundles over about every 5 minutes)
  • rinse – in several baths of cold water, until the water runs clear
  • dry – squeeze as much water out as possible with your hands (use rubber gloves), then peg on a clothesline in the shade

[photos taken with my lg android phone]

9 thoughts on “hung out to dry

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    • Yes, it is … mine is kind of heading in its own direction too, in that my methods (and dyeing process) are done differently. I am using dying and stitching techniques that I’ve experimented with over the years and which work for me. I had a look at yours, and it is truly unique. I love it, and it’s great that most people are interpreting the idea in their own way! =D


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