earlier this month, i blogged about dyeing antique silk kimono lining with unhusked walnuts

at first i didn’t have a clue what i would be using it for, but last week a germ of an idea began to grow

i begain by combining the silk pieces with some transfer-dyed interfacing from my stash, using a fused collage technique

i’ve called it timelinestimelines, unquilted - rita summers 2013this week i started machine quilting across it in straight linestimelines 2b, quilting in progress - rita summers 2013however, i was still stuck on what the next stage would be

then i remembered that a friend had recently given me a box of buttons, beads and shells

i began to sort them out, searching specifically for old-fashioned mother-of-pearl buttonsbuttons etc. from maggie - rita summers 2013hidden in the box i also found some smooth stones, shell fragments and broken china

there was even a tiny gold cross

today i arranged some of these treasures on the quilttimelines 2, quilting in probress - rita summersso far, i’m really happy with how it’s going!

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