agatha’s wardrobe

to celebrate my 200th post, here is a sneak preview of a project i started over the easter breakagatha's wardrobe 1 - rita summers 2013 agatha's wardrobe 2 - rita summers 2013(not the best photos, but you get the picture) ….

10 thoughts on “agatha’s wardrobe

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  2. Rita, These are beautiful. I, too, am working on a dress series of mixed-media paintings. Your work is so wonderful and inspiring. Are you using vintage materials behind the dresses?


    • Thank you! So glad you like these … yes, all vintage materials in the background of each dress (book page, sewing pattern tissue, torn vintage fabric, old doiley) … =D


    • Just been working on a box with a collaged lid … it will be like a ‘hope chest’ or ‘glory box’. The dress backgrounds will be stitched onto torn silk rectangles, and then all the dresses will be attached to that and stored/displayed in the box. It’s for an exhibition in May … I’ll post more progress photos soon! =D


    • Yes – the pages in the backgrounds came from a book called ‘Agatha’s Husband’ – to enter the exhibition, you have to use an old book they send you as inspiration for an artwork. More pics soon! =D


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