all set up

several ‘mini’ exhibitions are all set up, ready for our wrapped in st marys weekend

upcycled textile art

tea cosies

asian handcrafts and batik

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up early tomorrow to wrap power poles and yarnbomb some trees …


a while ago i posted that my textile art would be featured this year in quilting arts magazine

well, it’s finally happened!

my complimentary issues arrived in the mail yesterday:

quilting arts magazine

for a sneak preview, and to order your own copy, click here

to see extra images of my work on the quilting daily website, click here

blog feature

thanks heaps to lisa walton who has just posted about my textile art on her blog

lisa is a textile artist and tutor, and i was privileged to be in one of her classes a couple of years ago

she opened up a wonderful new ‘door’ for me and my artdoorkeepers quilt - rita summers - detail 1

thank you lisa!

babies + yarnbombing

being my usual subversive crocheting self is a lot of fun, but i do have a more serious side

i came across some lovely patterns for babies and decided i had to make them

this decision also provided a solution to the problem of using up my stash of crochet cottonscrochet wash cloth + photo frame - stitchedupmama 2013

the wash cloth came from a book called cute and easy crochet (Nicki Trench);  the photo frame pattern can be found here

of course, the yarnbombing continues as i repurpose some UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) to decorate some trees –