new toy

got on the phone and bought it this morning


i thought it was time i started spending the money i won last week …

learning curve

just merged my stitchedupmama and gone rustic blogs




only learned how to do it this morning

i could have paid someone on wordpress $129 to do it for me, but i felt i was up to the challenge

cheaper too

some of the images haven’t appeared yet but i’m working on that

you can still access stitchedupmama via the original blog

but you can now access it all from the heading at the top of this page

best of all, i can edit both blogs from the one place …

feelling quite smug!

new book

so thrilled …

this newly published book of crochet art is inspirational and shows that the sky’s the limit as far as crochet is concerned

included is my matriarchs piece, featuring crochet as applique

you can preview the whole book here (and also buy it) –

heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this book together!

original fabric designs

think tasmania posted a status on facebook yesterday asking if anyone local is designing/printing upholstery fabrics

the answer is – yes, I do!

mine is digitally printed to order, and the designs are based on my original drawings and text

linen cotton canvas and heavy cotton twill are two choices; there are a number of other fabric choices also

you can also order wallpaper and wall decals in my designs

the design collections can be viewed and ordered here –

gonerustic spoonflower screenshot