2013 grand prize winner

woke up to some fantastic news this morning

my agatha’s wardrobe mixed media art is the 2013 grand prize winner of the biblio art award in victoria

not only do i win $1,500 but the sponsors are purchasing it for their permanent collection

still can’t quite believe it … shocked and a bit teary …

agatha's wardrobe a  - rita summers 2013

41 thoughts on “2013 grand prize winner

    • Thank you! Yes, it was a lot of fun, and went together more easily than my entries in previous years. I just love the challenge of entering, and winning was a shock, a pleasant one, I hasten to add! =D


  1. Congratulations Rita, so well done!!! And what a plus for our Valleys of Adventure, you sure are putting us on the map. I hope everyone knows how much work you have just put into the Wrapped in St Marys event recently. Such enthusiasm to involve the whole community in art projects as well as creating such wonderful treasures. XX


    • Mary, thank you so much for your lovely comment – I appreciate it more than I can say. Our Valleys area is unique and beautiful, and if what I do helps promote it, that’s wonderful! The bonus is that I get to spend a lot of time making art. Re: our Wrapped in St Marys event, the community was so responsive and pulled together so well that it was a joy to co-ordinate it. It couldn’t have happened without everyone’s input, including yours! xo


  2. How exciting for you, and what good news after last week’s little drama. It’s terrific that they want it for their permanent collection but I’m sure you will miss it a little bit… well done.


    • Yes, I will miss it – I didn’t know when I sent it off that it wouldn’t return! However, it more than compensates for any other ‘little dramas’, and the cash prize and purchase is timely too, as well as really affirming and encouraging =D


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