absolutely amazed

while i enjoyed a quiet day at home today doing some gardening and other ‘homely’ things, something amazing happened

just now, i checked my stats and found out there were 1,017 views on my blog in just one day – 23 september, i.e. today!

that is double my best previous figure for a single day

thank you, everyone, from the bottom of my heart xoxo


butterflies + dresses

now for sale online here

memory lane 3


family reunion quilt, featuring signatures from my family collected at my late dad’s 80th birthday in 2008

i provided a permanent pen, and everyone signed their names on applique hearts which i had prepared beforehand

my 4 sisters and i then edged the hearts with blanket stitch (by hand), and added other embroidered details

later i machine pieced the quilt using scraps from my stash and curtain samples

a special thank you to pam jarman of quilt top quilting who stitched the layers together on this rather large quilt