STOLEN QUILT – please share and name and shame if you know who did this …

“Was very upset this morning after a great start to a great Qld Quilt Show when it was discovered that “Feathers Unfolden” First prize winning quilt by Brenda Wood was stolen from the wall shortly after the prize presentations were completed. If anyone sees this quilt please please please contact Queensland Quilters and dob the offender in. It is part of a group exhibition by Reddy Arts Textile Group and I am sure everyone would like to see it restored to it’s maker and owner.”

Contact details here!

stolen quilt

6 thoughts on “STOLEN QUILT

  1. So sorry to hear this and I hope the quilt is found and returned. I had a handmade garment stolen that was on display in a fabric store. It was years ago and to this day I have never really gotten over the sense of violation and wonderment of how someone could do such a thing. I never got it back. 😦 I hope this woman gets her quilt returned.


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