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title of work – symbiosis



1. Biology. a. the living together of two (dissimilar) organisms; b. (formerly) mutualism
2. Psychiatry. a relationship between two people in which each person is dependent upon and receives reinforcement, whether beneficial or detrimental, from the other.
3. Psychoanalysis . the relationship between an infant and its mother in which the infant is dependent onthe mother both physically and emotionally.
4. Any interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons, groups, etc.
[Origin – 1615-25: < Greek symbiosis, equivalent to sym – + bio (variant stem of bioun, to live + -sis]

funky felted bags workshop

After our inspirational nuno felting workshop with Tasmanian textile artist June Hope, we can’t wait to have her back!

Looking to run a Funky Felted Bag workshop in August or September.

Funky Felted Bags banner


Please call me at Gone Rustic Studio + Gallery, St Marys, Tasmania on 03 6372 2724 or 0417027424 to register your interest.

You can also send an email – please click here.

Cost is $65 plus materials; tea and coffee provided (byo lunch).

Hope to hear from you soon!

zen 10

my [in]fusion installation on display at the invitational tea bag art exhibition in warwick, queensland


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