Natural Dyeing – How Is It Done?

Workshop coming up soon at Gone Rustic!

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Date – Saturday, February 14 at 9:30am – 4:30pm
Venue – RiverWillow Gallery, Storey Street, St Marys, Tasmania 7215

Tutor – Aukje Boonstra

Course outline –
Natural Dyeing: How is it done? Health and safety, which materials dye best. Where to find natural dyes and how to store them. Which mordants to use .What to do with the dyed materials.

Bio –
As well as having conducted many natural dye workshops in Tasmania and interstate, Aukje was a tutor at the TextIsle 2007 forum in Launceston, conducting The Essence of Nature. In 2012 she was a tutor at the Natural Dye Symposium held at Beautiful Silks in Fitzroy, conducting a natural dye workshop with the emphasis on mordants. She also creates and teaches how to make unique wearable art pieces out of good quality pre worn clothing (Old Fashion Transformed)

Materials list
1) Wool material in the form of material, wool blanket and/ woollen clothing.
2) Silk as material and pieces of clothing.
3) Some cotton and linen in the form of material and /or clothing.
4) Notebook, biro, camera.
5) Strong thread and string.
6) A towel, bucket and some plastic bags, gloves.
7) Rusty iron bits and copper bits if you’ve got it.
8) Natural Dyes sources if you have them.

We will be working outside so please bring your sunscreen and hat etc.!

Also, byo lunch and bottled water or other drink/s.

Cost – $70 plus materials (payable with booking)


Social media: www.facebook/AukjeBoonstraTextileArtist

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