latest eco dyeing

washed and hung out to dry outside the gallery

silk camisole eco printed with rose leaves and the leaves of a mystery plant

mystery plant leaf print on silk/wool blend scarf

assorted solar dyed silks

 more solar dyed silks; stove top dyed wool blanket and silk dress

a panoramic photo of the stove top dyed wool blanket with leaf and nail eco prints

rack full of lusciousness

the series continues

written in the cloth 5 – detail photos of two of the seven panels I’m making for an outdoor exhibition in queensland (eco-dyed wool and silk; hand stitched)

eco dyeing transformation

did some more eco dyeing this week …

a vintage cotton nightdress in a hydrangea dyepot with copper mordant

a short nylon half-slip in a jasmine dyepot with copper mordant

plus a long nylon half-slip in the same pot as the nightdress

aiming for yellows and greens, with some purple and/or black from the rusty nails inside the bundles … the linen thread used to wrap the layered bundles also transformed into a lovely green

shhh …

can’t unveil it yet but here is a sneak peak at my entry in a major (i.e. $20,000) art exhibition