before and after

transformed – a long sleeved t-shirt and a lace tablecloth (both originally white) become a boho jacket after altering, repurposing and eco dyeing

re-arranged things at the gallery today

pretty happy with how the new venture is going since I launched the gone rustic eco collection on 31 May …

mended straps tell a story

just put out for sale – an eco dyed vintage cotton lawn lace-trimmed slip dress (small)

guest exhibitors

the members of our challenge group, called Q3, were guest exhibitors at the tasmanian state quilt show this weekend; each of the 3 of us made 3 textile artworks on agreed themes and in predetermined sizes (the 2nd photo specifically shows my contribution, entitled ‘innocence lost’)

fresh from the dyepots

gorgeous silk top and drapey jacket/cardigan, from this week’s eco dyeing … silk top with diagonal frill (bundled with eucalyptus leaves and iron nails; banksia dyepot using an old brass planter); nylon drapey jacket with collar detail (bundled with blackberry and eucalyptus leaves; mystery shrub dyepot with borax in an aluminium pan)